Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pink and Purple One Direction Cake!

Cake donated to the Cake Angels organisation. Many thanks to Nancy from Cardique for providing the 1D photo images.


  1. This is beautiful, hope you don't mind but you inspired me to do a cake very similar.

    1. Not at all, would love to see it when you have finished.
      I'm on facebook, Little Robin Cake Studio
      It's such a popular theme, just finished another one this morning!

  2. Oooh, I see you have, love the black, white and red too. You know the kind of reaction the birthday girl is going to have when she gets it, it's so exciting isn't it?
    Thankyou for your permission, I normally ask well in advance, but this was a last minute thing, I must confess I'd already made it before I asked but thought I'll see what you say before I post photo's. I've given you credit and tagged this website on the photo I just published in facebook - Not Just A Cake. I'll go in and add you on fb and further tag it, thankyou so much. Keep creating, I'm a new fan!